We offer a wide assortment of Spices that is extensively used in cooking. These Spices are of high quality. The Spices offered by us are reputed for their excellent flavor and aroma. We ensure that the Spices offered by us are available to the clients in neat packaging. The Spices are provided by us at reasonable rates. The range of Spices offered by us includes Cumin Seeds, Curry Leaves, Green Cardamom, Nutmeg, Red Chilli Powder, Sesame Seeds and Turmeric Powder.

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Cumin Seeds

The Cumin Seeds that we offer are flavorsome and fresh. We ensure that the Cumin Seeds are neatly packed to seal in the flavors. The Cumin Seeds add a distinct and wonderful aroma to the dishes. Used in kitchens everywhere, the Cumin Seeds offered by us enhance the taste of the food. We ensure that the Cumin Seeds offered


Curry Leaves

We offer flavorsome Curry Leaves to our clients. The Curry Leaves are picked at the right time so that the leaves are fresh and packed with flavors. We ensure that the Curry Leaves are packed neatly to seal in the aroma and freshness. The Curry Leaves offered by us enhance the flavor of any dish and so are used in all


Green Cardamom

Grown in completely organic surroundings, the Green Cardamom offered by is organic and free from chemicals. We ensure that the Green Cardamom offered by us complies with the quality standards demanded by the industry. The Green Cardamom has wonderful flavor and intense aroma. The Green Cardamom is properly packed to keep



We are reputed for the high quality Nutmeg that we offer. Both parts of the same plant, Nutmeg is the seed and mace is the outer covering. The Nutmeg offered by has intense aroma and has wonderful warmth. Resembling an apricot, the Nutmeg offered by us adds a deep flavor and aroma to the dishes. The pulp of the Nutmeg is


Red Chilli Powder

We offer high quality Red Chilli Powder that is used in cuisines everywhere. The Red Chilli Powder is pure and free from dust, impurities, added colors etc. The Red Chilli Powder provided by us adds a wonderful color to the dishes and imparts an appealing aroma. We pack the Red Chilli Powder in neat packaging to keep it


Sesame Seeds

We offer a wide range of Sesame Seeds that is in high demand with the client. Available in hulled and un-hulled forms, the Sesame Seeds are used in several cuisines. We ensure that the Sesame Seeds are packed in neat and hygienic packing to protect the contents from moisture and to preserve the flavor of the Sesame


Turmeric Powder

The high quality Turmeric Powder offered by us is pure and free from impurities and other adulterants. The Turmeric Powder that we bring forth is derived from rhizomes and passed through several quality checks to ensure that it conforms to the industry standards. We provide Turmeric Powder that has a wonderful golden